We are a new production company and work with a variety of Creatives for each project but here you will find information on the Resident Team as we add to it.

Founder. Actor. Director. Producer. Writer.

Aidan J Crowley was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1976 and raised in Co. Cork. He has been a professional actor and singer for over twenty years with numerous credits to his name. He is also a filmmaker, writing/directing many short films and has been working on his feature debut, a triptych called The Scowling Dusk, as actor/writer/director/producer. There are additional film projects in the works such as If You Only Wate A Whil Longer, NewtonCorrigan, 401 and Netherwood. Initially training as a professional actor at Mountview Theatre School in London (graduating 1998), winning both theStage newspaper three year acting and musical theatre scholarship - and the Mountview singing scholarship. After more than twenty years in the business he has played over eighty different roles in various guises to date. Essentially a character actor, Crowley never looks the same as the part requires and prefers to go as far as he can with ‘transformation’ in acting. He has been described as a Method actor although this is not necessarily accurate. He is currently preparing to shoot a feature film trilogy in which he will play a major character and produce/direct. Crowley also studied acting and theatre-craft at the Cork Arts and Theatre Club, the Phoenix Contemporary Theatre School, the Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, two seasons at the Manchester Youth Theatre (NYT), Shakespeare at RADA and with the Actors Company at the London Centre for Theatre Studies. He began studying part-time for a Master's Degree in Shakespeare at Royal Holloway (University of London) but sadly had to leave due to being offered a theatre tour. Crowley is an Heroic Tenor and he has studied voice with many highly regarded vocal tutors over the years including: Susie Webster, Nathan Martin, Claire Groom, Phillip Tebb, Lynton Atkinson, Alexander Massey, Neil Howlett, Mary Hammond RAM, Roderick Earle RCM.

He is also a singer/songwriter and founder of 593records to produce his own Alternative/Vocals/Guitars/Orchestral music/experiment in music exploring a hybrid-classical style, aria, songwriting, folk/rock and classical voice. Crowley is working on recording a number of albums including Those Strange Elusive Tears and Pilgrim Simpatico and likes to experiment in his own unique, simple Guitar style, each song written with different/unusual tunings, whilst working with various effects systems, percussion and orchestrations.

In 2013 Crowley decided to take more control and focus more on his own works and produce his own film and music projects and he has been working on this ever since: to pursue and produce his own works as a musician, writer, publisher, producer, director and filmmaker. Aidan has an interest in effective altruism and specific charitable projects. An interest in different Cultures and Diversity and an intense dislike of racism and bigotry of any kind, Crowley makes it a point to involve as multicultural a cast and crew for his projects as might be possible.

Crowley, an actor, writer, producer, director, filmmaker, tenor, songwriter, musician...obviously has many interests, is a little eccentric, with an eclectic variety of creative and business projects in operation at any one time. Known for his multifaceted interests and a great curiosity towards life, Crowley’s pursuits have taken him on adventures as varied as research into his great love of Shakespeare, Esoteric Philosophy and even in the medical world as a Corporal in the Irish Red Cross and in the operating room, training for a time in the NHS as an anaesthetic and surgical assistant. He is also a published writer and art collector. Aviation is also a very important escape from the world and he is a student Private Pilot.



Conceptual Artist

James Olley's interest in drawing started at a young age, he was constantly creating whatever captivated his imagination; usually it was film and video games and for fun, drawing caricatures of grumpy math teachers during a long lesson. He went on to study for his Level 4 Diploma in Art & Design in 2013 at Somerset College of Art & Technology, where he achieved a Distinction grade and won an award for the excellence of his work by Taunton Decorative & Fine Arts Society.

James was greatly inspired when he was younger by his father’s work in surreal art and his active role the world of Miniature figurine modelling. This same industry is where James began his professional work starting up JAO Design. He produced designs for war-game character concepts and in addition produced illustrations for various war-game rule books. He has worked as a freelance artist with companies such as Gorilla board games as the lead artist, with Antimatter Games, Forlorn Hope Games and many others. He has most recently been an Illustrator & Conceptual artist for Aidan Crowley and 5/93illuminati, predominately working on the film trilogy called the Scowling Dusk. James is currently developing his own personal exploration into surreal art. His professional work can be seen at the Olley’s Armies website concept page:



PA to Aidan J Crowley

Founder of TAVA Services. Toks has over seven years of admin and customer service experience in a range of industries. Currently based in Musselburgh, Scotland, of Nigerian heritage but was born and bred in London, England.







Deryn Cullen, is a South African cellist based in beautiful Yorkshire. Alongside her composer husband, Dan Cullen writing and recording cinematic music for libraries and films; Deryn works as a remote session cellist for composers, producers and songwriters across four continents; and she teaches cello and music theory to local students and further afield via Skype.

Deryn's professional focus as a cellist for the past 10 years has been in the studio. Her recordings have found their way to the BBC, Chanel 4, Syfi, the blockbuster game, Mass Effect, and many UK and US feature films. Before that, and since graduating with a B Mus degree in 1999, Deryn has played in professional orchestras (both full time and freelance); with rock bands, acoustic songwriters and cabaret artists; she even ran away with No Fit State Circus for a brief stint as their cellist in 2006!